Wax is part of the ears natural cleaning mechanism; it helps to moisturise the skin and protect against bacteria and germs. In a normal healthy ear, chewing motions and jaw movement help to gradually move wax to the entrance of the ear canal without the need for any treatment. Interfering with this process can cause a blockage and risk injury or infection.  

When should wax be removed?  

Earwax requires treatment if:

  • it is causing a blocked sensation in the ear, earache, a reduction in hearing, tinnitus or dizziness.
  • it is interfering with hearing aids, causing whistling and/or a reduction in overall performance. 
  • it is blocking the view of the ear canal and eardrum preventing us from examining the health of your ears and carrying out a hearing assessment. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of earwax build-up, we recommend using Earol.


Earol is a sterile olive oil spray used to soften and loosen earwax. The nozzle applicator makes it easy to use and disperses the oil into the ear canal in a fine mist, allowing it to coat and soften the wax with less likelihood of it blocking the ear compared to olive oil inserted via a dropper.

In some cases, depending on the amount and consistency of the wax, Earol will help to soften and loosen the wax, but it will still require professional removal.

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, we routinely perform ear wax Microsuction. During this procedure, the Audiologist uses specialised viewing apparatus to see into the ear while inserting a fine suction tube into the ear canal to remove the wax. There is some noise with this procedure.

If you are attending our clinic for wax removal, unless you have previously been advised to keep your ears dry, please only use sterile olive oil in the days leading up to your appointment. Not all ear wax softeners are compatible with Microsuction and using alternative drops/sprays increases the likelihood of a second visit being required to complete the procedure.

If you would like to enquire about wax removal, please contact us on 028 9066 7030 or you can fill out our wax removal contact us form by clicking here