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At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we work with world leading hearing aid manufacturers to offer products that not alone suit your aesthetic needs but also your hearing ability, your lifestyle and your budget. Our Audiologist Stephen has a wealth of Hearing Aid Rehabilitative knowledge having worked in both the NHS and private sector over the last 15 years.

“Each person I meet faces new communication challenges and I find it extremely rewarding being able to tailor the latest innovations in hearing aid technology to address these needs” (s.hunter)

Hearing aids come in several shapes in sizes. There is often a type of aid to suit everyone. We at Kingsbridge Hearing Care have faith in our products and believe that anyone with a hearing loss should be given the opportunity to avail of our no obligation hearing aid trial. All customers that have had a full hearing assessment with us are automatically entitled to a risk free hearing aid trial. Trials allow our customers to see for themselves how much help our latest technology products could be to them in their home environment. Our hearing aid trials are 1 week in duration and as it gives the customer an insight into how much help an aid could be in their home environment, it often provides peace of mind when considering a hearing aid purchase. If for any reason when the trial has ended you do not want to go ahead with a purchase you can simply return the hearing aids without any obligation.

Kingsbridge Hearing Care listened carefully to my situation of working in Development & Construction with phone calls, open plan offices, boardroom meetings, noisy sites, and quietly spoken people, and my visits to pubs and restaurants. I received ear wax removal and was given a great hearing test.

I was recommended Phonak hearing aids with high performance and the Roger pen for meetings, bars etc. Already these are making a great difference. I was also given a good review when we talked about the connectivity of the Roger, use with phones, and other instructions, and a further appointment. Altogether excellent.

Robin Bigger

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