Phonak Roger

We at Kingsbridge Hearing Care are committed to providing our customers with the very best in hearing technology. This allows us to tailor packages that note alone suit a patient’s hearing loss but their lifestyle too. For many people, hearing aids are effective in restoring the sounds which have been lost. However, there are a lot of listening environments that people with hearing aids may still find challenging.

Do you struggle to hear the sound from your television, make out conversation in noisy environments or feel isolated in social situations?

Although modern hearing technology is incredibly advanced, modern hearing aids are primarily designed to help people hear in one to one situations over shorter distances. Hearing aids have a microphone sensitivity range of 1.5 to 2 metres. Outside this distance their effectiveness reduces.

This is were Phonak Roger works best.

Phonak have developed state of the art wireless microphones to give hearing aids a boost. Roger Microphones reduce background noise making it easier to hear in noisy environments, such as restaurants or at a distance for a speaker. Roger devices work by transmitting the signal to the hearing aids via receiver ( a small device that connects directly to hearing aids). Roger Technology is compatible with most types of hearing aids across all manufacturers.

Phonak Roger can be of use in the following situations

  • Coffee Shops, Pubs, Restaurants
  • Boardroom Work Meetings
  • Hearing better on the Telephone
  • Watching the TV
  • Streaming music or media

Roger Certified Partner

We at Kingsbridge Hearing Care are pleased to be the first Audiological provider in Northern Ireland to have obtained Roger Certified status. We are one of only a handful of chosen independent providers in the UK to have undertaken additional specialist training from Phonak UK in this field. In partnership with Phonak, we can ensure that our customers are never limited by their hearing loss. We believe that Roger is helping us in improving the lives of patients in ways that before now with hearing technology was not possible. Recommendation of Phonak Roger offers us as professionals the complete audiological package for patients with hearing loss and therefore should be there as an additional option when considering hearing aid provision.

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