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Do you struggle to hear over distance or strain to hear in noisy situations?

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, our goal is to ensure that people are never limited by their hearing loss.  In addition to hearing aids, we also offer assistive listening devices to people wanting to maximise their hearing potential and those requiring additional assistance to hear clearly and comfortably in challenging environments.

Roger Microphones

Roger technology is designed to boost hearing aid performance regardless of background noise or distance. By picking up speech and transmitting it wirelessly to the listener, hearing aid users can understand almost 10 times better in noise and over distance with Roger technology, than people with normal hearing.

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Roger On

Roger On is the latest Roger Microphone from Phonak. Its versatile design allows microphone settings to change automatically to best suit your environment, it is protected against splashes, is suitable for outdoor use and has up to 8 hours continuous use on a fully charged battery.

Phonak Roger Hearing Device

Roger Certified Partner

We at Kingsbridge Hearing Care are pleased to be the First Audiological Provider in Northern Ireland to have obtained Roger Certified status. We are one of only a select few providers in the UK to have undertaken additional specialist training in this field.

roger certified partner

In partnership with Phonak, we can ensure that people are never limited by their hearing loss. We believe that Roger is helping us to improve the lives of patients in ways that were not previously possible.

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