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At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, in addition to hearing aids, we also offer accessories for those wanting to improve their hearing in specific situations and adjust device settings with ease. *

TV Connector

Watching TV can be challenging for people with hearing loss.  It can be difficult to find a volume everyone in the room finds comfortable to listen to, sound levels can fluctuate between channels and sound effects can cover up dialogue, often at a crucial point in the storyline.

A TV connector is a wireless hearing aid accessory that streams TV and music directly to compatible hearing aids using Bluetooth® technology.

Key features

  • easily installed on TVs, PCs and HiFi systems via a plug-and-play interface
  • streaming range of up to 15 metres (50ft)
  • can connect to an unlimited number of compatible hearing aids
  • low energy streaming protocol provides high quality sound without compromising hearing aid battery run-time
  • streamed audio volume can be adjusted independently from TV volume via hearing aid controls
TV Connector


An easy-to-use microphone designed to improve hearing during one-to-one conversations.

Key features

  • Instantly connects to compatible hearing aids
  • Designed to attach to speakers clothing (optimal distance 20cm from mouth)
  • Up to 25 metres range between speaker and hearing aid user
  • 6 hours talk time on a full charge
Partner Microphone



Adjust volume and change programs without needing to touch your hearing aids, download an app or use a smartphone.

Key features

  • User-friendly design
  • Lightweight
  • Three large, easily visible volume and program buttons
  • Long battery life and easy to replace battery
Remote Control

*Accessories may be brand specific, please complete an enquiry form if you require additional information.

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