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Ear wax removal, Private Hearing Aid Provision and much more!

Hearing Assessment Northern Ireland

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we offer enhanced hearing assessments to provide essential clinical information about your hearing and offer bespoke solutions for your communication needs

Bespoke Private Hearing Aid Provision Northern Ireland

We provide Hearing Care Services in Belfast, Holywood, Ballykelly, Newtownabbey and Donaghadee.  We work with leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers including Phonak, Unitron and Starkey to ensure we have the perfect Hearing Aid Solution for your communication needs.

There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise

Crisp natural sound. Brilliant speech understanding. Personalised noise cancelling. Empowering smart apps

Assistive Listening Devices

Did you know that hearing aids pick up sounds best within a range of 1.5-2 metres?  Assistive Listening Devices can boost hearing aid performance over larger distances and improve speech detection in complex listening environments

Ear Wax Removal Northern Ireland

Ear Wax Micro Suction is a safe, quick and effective way of removing ear wax. During the procedure a fine suction tube is used to gently remove wax from the ear canal.

Take our three-minute online hearing test

While there’s no replacement for professional hearing tests and a consultation with a hearing care expert, our online hearing screener can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing.

Advice for patients attending appointments

‘We would like to reassure our patients that Kingsbridge Hearing Care Services will continue as normal with enhanced safety measures in place’

As part of Kingsbridge Healthcare Group, Kingsbridge Hearing Care offers an all-inclusive service for your hearing needs, from assessment to diagnosis to treatment. We are based in Northern Ireland with clinics in Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee, Newtownabbey and most recently Ballykelly.

Our services include adult ear wax removal, custom ear and hearing protection, adult hearing assessment and bespoke private hearing aid provision.

Hearing well helps us remain socially active and engaged with friends and loved ones, while listening and understanding helps to keep our brains stimulated. 1 in 6 adults in the UK is affected by hearing loss Although hearing can deteriorate gradually as a normal part of ageing, there are many causes of hearing loss, more than half of which are preventable.  The faster a hearing loss is identified the sooner steps can be taken to address it. • Are you turning the TV up? • Do people seem to be mumbling? • Are you struggling to follow conversation in background noise? • Are you frustrated with your current hearing aids or looking to upgrade?

Hearing Assessment

Our Hearing Assessment appointments are tailored to not only identify hearing reduction but also to assess speech recognition in background noise and comfort of sound.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Private Hearing Aids

We work with World Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers to offer a full range of Hearing Aid styles, including rechargeable models and aids with bluetooth connectivity and app control options. 

Ear Wax Removal

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, our experienced Audiologists and Ear Care Nurses routinely perform ear wax micro suction.  Micro suction is a safe, quick and effective way of removing ear wax. 

Phonak Roger

Assisted Listening Devices

For many people, hearing aids are effective in restoring the sounds which have been lost. However, there are some complex listening environments that people may still find challenging.

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Fully Qualified Professionals

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we only use fully qualified, insured, registered Audiologists and Ear Care Nurses so rest assured you are in the hands of trained professionals.

Easy to Contact

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Flexible Appointments

 At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we have clinics in Belfast, Holywood, Newtownabbey, Ballykelly and Donaghadee*

* wax removal only


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