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Bespoke Hearing Care in a Private Hospital Setting

As part of the Kingsbridge Healthcare Group, we are able to provide a direct care pathway for any of our patients requiring a consultation with an Ear Nose and Throat Consultant at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

If the need for an ENT appointment is identified during your Audiology consultation, your referral is processed quickly and efficiently, to ensure you don’t have to wait to see a specialist.

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No Short Appointments

With over 20 years experience in the Audiology sector, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible care for youThat’s why we believe in taking time to get to know you, to understand what listening situations matter most to you.   

No Short Appointments

Industry Leading Equipment


We only use the finest equipment to deliver our services; from ENT Grade Ear Microscopes for our wax removal consultations, to our 4D Laser Ear scanner for hearing aid ordering, you can rest assured the technology we use is at the forefront of the hearing care industry.  

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Enhanced Testing Standards

Each of our clinics has a Soundproof Booth installed to ensure accuracy of hearing test results and hearing aid programming.  Our hearing assessments also evaluate how well you can hear speech in background noise and measure what volume levels you find comfortable to listen to 


Hearing Assessment

Hearing Aid Selection

We offer personalised hearing solutions based on your individual communication needs and hearing assessment results

For hearing aid provision to be a success, we believe that the experience and skill of the Audiologist is as important as the quality of the hearing aids

By pairing cutting edge technology from world leading hearing aid manufacturers with our care and expertise we provide an unparalleled level of service and aftercare.  


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Precision Hearing Aid Fitting


No two ears are the same shape or size, yet standard digital hearing aid programming software solely uses the information from hearing test results to calculate required sounds levels.  

Our Real Ear Measurement verification equipment allows us to include the individual characteristics of your ear anatomy when programming hearing aids, to ensure you receive the best possible sound quality. 

All of our hearing aid packages include: 

 A 5-year hearing aid warranty 

A 2-year hearing aid accessory warranty 

A 2-year wax removal plan inclusive of hearing aid cost for peace of mind 

Free aftercare and advice  


Ear Measurements


Over time, hearing levels may change and communication needs can evolve, each of our patients has their own dedicated Audiologist to provide consistent one to one care from their first appointment 

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Our Reputation

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we pride ourselves on our reputation. Check out what our patients have to say about us here.


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