Ear Wax Removal

Wax is part of the ears natural cleaning mechanism; it helps to moisturise the skin and protect against bacteria and germs. In a normal, healthy ear, chewing motions and jaw movement help to gradually move wax to the entrance of the ear canal without the need for any treatment. Interfering with this process by inserting foreign objects (like cotton buds) into the ear can cause a blockage and risk injury or infection.

Earwax requires treatment if: 

  • it is causing a blocked sensation in the ear, earache, a reduction in hearing, tinnitus or dizziness 
  • it is interfering with hearing aids, causing whistling and/or a reduction in overall performance  
  • it is blocking the view of the ear canal and eardrum, preventing a complete examination of the ears

Ear wax removal  £75 (fixed price) 

**Please note a consultation fee of £35 will be chargeable if wax removal is not required** 

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, our experienced Audiologists and Ear Care Nurses routinely perform ear wax micro suction.  Micro suction is a safe, quick and effective way of removing ear wax. During the procedure a fine suction tube is used to gently remove wax from the ear canal. Unlike ear irrigation, no water is required, significantly reducing the risk of infection. 


Not all ear wax softeners are compatible with microsuction  

If you are attending for wax removal, please only use sterile olive oil in the days leading up to your appointment as using alternative drops/sprays increases the likelihood of a second visit being required to complete the procedure. 

Earol is an easy-to-use sterile olive oil spray.  The nozzle applicator disperses the oil into the ear canal in a fine mist, allowing it to coat and soften the wax with less likelihood of it blocking the ear, when compared to olive oil inserted via a dropper. 

Are there risks involved with wax removal? 

As with any procedure there are some risks involved,Kingsbridge Hearing Care staff have undergone specialist training in wax removal to minimise the risk of any harm, however, to make the procedure as safe as possible it is also essential to provide us with accuratemedical history information and remain still during the procedure.   


What if the wax cannot be removed? 

In some cases, it may not be possible to remove all the wax in one visit, particularly if the wax has not been pre-softened with sterile olive oil or an inappropriate wax softening agent has caused the wax to stick to the skin in the ear canal and eardrum.  In this case you will be advised to soften the wax with sterile olive oil and another appointment will be booked to complete the procedure. 


What if a complication occurs? 

Wax blockages can sometimes conceal other ear conditions, if we find evidence of an infection or a previously undiagnosed ear condition or if the wax cannot be safely removed it may be necessary to refer you to another medical professional. 

Wax Removal Enquiry

    My ear was closed over with ear wax and I made the situation worse by trying to sort it myself. Phoned the clinic first and was given some helpful advice and booked an appointment. Had micro suction in both ears and had everything explained to me carefully. I’ll not describe what came out of both ears (I originally thought I only had blockage in one) but my hearing is fantastic now and feel so much better.

    Thank you

    Stephen Cousins

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