As part of the Kingsbridge Healthcare Group, Kingsbridge Hearing Care has previously offered hearing assessments and private hearing aid provision at clinics in Belfast and Holywood. 

Richard Sweeney, a Director at Kingsbridge Private Hospital and owner of Kingsbridge Opticians and Hearing Care tells us why he is expanding hearing care services to include his practice in Newtownabbey.

“Our Abbots Cross Clinic has been an established Optometry practice for 15 Years.  Since 2006, we have also provided ear wax removal services on site and over the past year we have had several enquiries from patients seeking private hearing aid provision in the Newtownabbey area. 

“Unaddressed hearing loss can lead to social isolation and contribute to other health conditions and now, more than ever, people are reporting issues accessing quality hearing care in the community.  Many people currently find themselves on lengthy waiting lists for both initial hearing assessments and subsequent fitting of hearing aids; others are existing hearing aid users struggling to access services to maintain their hearing aids and meet their communication needs.  I therefore felt the time was right to further develop Kingsbridge Hearing Care to enable us to offer our full range of hearing services, including hearing assessment and private hearing aid provision to those in Newtownabbey and the surrounding communities.  

“My main goal is to ensure people experience the same high standard of care we provide to patients in our Belfast and Holywood clinics. “ 

“To achieve this, we have installed a new Hearing Suite at Abbots Cross, including a soundproof booth and state of the art Aurical hearing assessment system.  The enhanced testing procedures we use provide essential clinical information about hearing and speech processing capabilities so we can offer the best solution for each person’s communications needs.  

“We also routinely use Real Ear Measurements at our clinics as it is possible to have 2 people with very similar hearing losses who require vastly different amounts of volume from their hearing aids, due to the size and shape of their ears.  If these individual characteristics are not considered when programming hearing aids, the sound is often under-amplified, resulting in reduced clarity and poorer performance in background noise.  Our Real Ear Measurement equipment allows us to verify hearing aid performance and ensure your hearing aids are working optimally to provide a better overall listening experience.” 

If you are experiencing issues with your hearing or current hearing aids and want to find out how you can benefit from the latest innovations in Hearing Aid technology contact us at:

801 Lisburn Road
Belfast, BT9 7GX
Tel: 028 9066 7030

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Information about the enhanced safety measures at our clinics can be found here.