Hearing is one of our most important senses, it forms a vital part of our ability to communicate with others and to maintain an awareness of our surroundings.

Once you book an appointment at Kingsbridge Hearing Care, you will be warmly welcomed by our team and asked to take a seat in our comfortable waiting area. Our waiting area offers complimentary teas and coffees so make sure to help yourself!

Once called into your appointment, our experienced Audiologists will begin your hearing assessment. We begin by getting to know our patients and will spend time discussing our patient’s past medical history.

Using an Otoscopy, we check the outer ear is healthy and free from blockages like wax.

Our full hearing assessment is performed in a soundproof booth. The patient will press a button to indicate they have heard some audible tones. We test across the full frequency range on both ears and do in depth testing using speech in background noise.

Our audiologists will then explain the results. We will discuss the hearing loss in detail and show what part of the ear is affected and we provide bespoke private hearing aid provision including world leading technologies from Phonak, Unitron and Starkey.

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, our Audiologists pride themselves in best practice hearing care provision. Our hearing assessment appointments are tailored to not only identify hearing reduction but also to assess speech recognition in background noise and comfort of sound. Our enhanced testing procedures provide essential clinical information about your hearing so we can offer the best solution to meet your needs.

Full hearing assessments are priced at £85. If you have noticed a change in your hearing and would like to book an appointment, please get in touch with your nearest location today.

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  • Ballykelly |028 7707 6050
  • Donaghadee |028 9188 4188
  • Holywood |028 9085 9900
  • Newtownabbey |028 9085 9900