We received a lovely review of a patient’s recent experience at Kingsbridge Hearing Care. After struggling with profound hearing loss for 10 years, this patient came to Kingsbridge Hearing Care to discuss new options to improve their hearing quality.

“Stephen from Kingsbridge Hearing Care has completely transformed my hearing ability. I was under NHS audiology care for about 10 years. I respect and cherish the NHS; they do their very best, and I was of the understanding that their solution to my profound hearing loss was the best I could get. But working with Stephen has given me a new freedom in my daily living.

I can now enjoy situations that were out of reach before with my NHS hearing aids. I can socialise in previously out-of-bounds places, like restaurants at busy lunch times, and even pubs on a Friday night. The quality of hearing, in terms of hearing what I want to hear and rejecting background noise, has improved enormously. I can also hear well while in a car, which was previously difficult because lip reading isn’t possible, and I was contending with wind and road noise.

Other experiences have significantly improved, like streaming sound from the television and streaming music from my phone. The high fidelity sound with the Phonak Lumity is outstanding. Most of all, Stephen is a caring, compassionate professional, who fully understands and appreciates the impact of hearing loss. His approach is second to none. I know for him audiology is a passion. He keeps adjusting and customising until the setup is the best it can possibly be.

I would strongly urge people who are struggling with hearing loss to book an assessment at Kingsbridge. As I have said, I cherish the NHS and the clinicians who work there, but it cannot be compared to taking an approach that has the time and resources such as those at Kingsbridge Hearing Care.

In a communication sense, hearing is vitally important in so many ways, including mental health, and the investment I have made in my new Phonak hearing aids has impacted this in the weeks immediately following. I feel less stressed when socialising; I can join in and be myself and people have noticed a return of self confidence. Of course, current solutions for hearing loss do not fully reverse the problem, but I know this is as close as I can possibly get to normal function with my hearing. I’m a very grateful patient.”

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