What is (REMs) Real Ear Measurement?

Real Ear Measurement is a procedure that is completed during a Hearing Aid Fitting that allows us to verify output of hearing aids live in the patient’s ear canal.

How are REMs completed?

At the fitting appointment our Audiologist checks the ears for wax before inserting a soft silicone tube into the ear canal. It is a painless procedure. The hearing aid is then inserted alongside the tube. The tube allows us to record the level of sound at the ear drum whilst voice passages are played from the speaker in front.


Why are Real Ear Measurements important?

All of us have different shapes and sizes of ear canal. It makes sense that we take this into account when setting a hearing aid up bespoke to a patient’s needs. 

ear measurement

Without completing REMs the clinician can only estimate the amount of amplification the patient receives. It could be that the patient either is receiving too much gain from the hearing aid or that everything is not loud enough. 

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we believe in following best practices in our industry to ensure that you hear at your best with the hearing aids you have been fitted with.