The Alzheimer’s Society estimates there are over 20,000 people in Northern Ireland with Dementia. Researchers have identified key risk factors for the development of dementia, many of which can be reduced through better health awareness and lifestyle changes.  

One of the highest modifiable risk factors is unaddressed hearing loss in mid-life.     

  • Mild hearing loss doubles the risk of dementia 
  • Moderate hearing loss leads to 3 times the risk 
  • Severe hearing loss leads to 5 times the risk


Be Proactive About Your Hearing Health! 

Get Your Hearing Tested 

Anyone who is aware of a change in their hearing should have a hearing test. Although hearing can deteriorate gradually as a normal part of ageing, there are many causes of hearing loss, more than half of which are preventable. The faster a hearing loss is identified the sooner steps can be taken to address it. 

While there is no replacement for a professional consultation, our 3 minute online hearing screener can provide quick, useful feedback about your hearing and indicate if you would benefit from a face-to-face hearing assessment with one of our Audiologists. 

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Treat Identified Hearing Loss 

It is widely known that not being able to hear speech clearly can cause people to become withdrawn and isolated, this loss of social interaction contributes to cognitive decline.  

Currently only 40% of people who could benefit from hearing aids use them*. There have been vast improvements in hearing aid technology in the past few years, for instance as well as various styles and colours, hearing aids are now also available as rechargeable, have Bluetooth connectivity and streaming options, they can be controlled by apps, there are even hearing aids that fit deep into the ear canal and can be worn for up to 12 weeks at a time. *stats from 

Protect Your Hearing 

Our ears are exposed to a variety of sounds every day. Noises of 85dB or louder can harm your hearing, the louder the noise, the less time it takes to cause damage. Many DIY tools and gardening equipment like lawnmowers or power washers produce noise greater than 90dB so it is important to wear ear protection when carrying out these tasks. 

Repeatedly listening to music at overly loud volume levels can cause noise-induced hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is preventable but is irreversible once it occurs. Volume can be set at a safe level on personal audio devices by setting the volume to a comfortable level in a quiet environment at no more the 60% of the maximum volume 

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