Tinnitus Assessment

Some people can find the onset of tinnitus distressing and can be unsure of where to go for help or what can be done to help alleviate symptoms.  At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we offer a Tinnitus Assessment Service. 

Our comprehensive evaluation may include:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Specific questionnaires regarding tinnitus symptoms and its impact on your wellbeing (if applicable)
  • A full Audiological assessment to assess the health of the ears and hearing.
  • Pitch and volume matching to help determine the nature of the tinnitus (if applicable)
  • Residual Inhibition Testing to measure the effect of external sound stimulus on tinnitus perception (if applicable)

As all of our customers have individual needs, our Audiologist Stephen may have to tailor the above test battery as appropriate depending on his findings during assessment.

The outcome of all investigations will be discussed with you at the appointment.  Some tinnitus cases can be complex and may require referral to other medical fields, as Kingsbridge Hearing Care is part of the 3fivetwo Medical Family we can facilitate internal referrals to other departments when required, providing access to appropriate specialists without delay.

Each consultation is completed with customised tinnitus support information.   If the assessment results indicate you would benefit from personalised sound enrichment and/or amplification we offer a risk free, no obligation 1 week trial at no additional cost. 

Our assessment appointments are designed to inform you regarding the mechanisms and causes of tinnitus, provide treatment recommendations  and onward referral where appropriate however they are not intended to replace or be an alternative for ongoing tinnitus management sessions with tinnitus therapists.

Tinnitus Assessment – £75

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