Hearing Test

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we offer full hearing assessment to our customers.

History Taking– This involves us taking a past medical history that may be of relevance to your hearing assessment.

Otoscopy – This allows us to examine the outer part of the ear. It allows us to check for ear drum/ear canal abnormalities and wax buildup.

Pure Tone Audiometry – This is a test that allows us to  ascertain your hearing thresholds in each ear. Pure Tone Audiometry results allow us to convey to our customers what phoeneme sounds of speech they are missing out on. PTA also allows us to give insight to our customers why they may not be picking up on certain day to day sounds.

Uncomfortable Loudness Level Test – This test allows us to determine your dynamic range of hearing in each ear. Some customers can have reduced levels of dynamic range, particularly if they have had noise exposure. ULL testing is particularly of use to us should we have to fine tune hearing aid technology to best meet the comfort needs for our customers.

**Please note ULL testing is not always indicated depending on the degree of hearing loss and needs of the patient. Suitability of this test may be discussed at your appointment with the audiologist.**

Speech in Noise Testing – Also known as Quick SIN testing this forms an important part of our test battery. It allows us to assess when we put your ears in an environment of background noise how well they individually distinguish sounds. As people with hearing loss often have issues hearing well in background noise in oppose to a one to one environment we at Kingsbridge Hearing Care believe we it’s important that we give our customers  as much information as we can.  Speech in noise tests often allow us to not alone assess the appropriate level of hearing aid technology someone my need but also provide useful tips for advantageous listening for customers based on their own hearing abilities.

**Please note Quick SIN testing is not always indicated depending on the degree of hearing loss and needs of the patient. Suitability of test may be discussed at your appointment with the audiologist.**

Tympanometry – This test is sometimes required depending on the outcome of the hearing assessment. This allows us to assess how compliant your middle ear is to the passage of sound. Tympanometry can often offer more detailed middle ear information should one of our customers require an onward ENT referral.

At Kingsbridge Hearing Care we believe that we can offer hearing tests that are both thorough and bespoke to each of our customers. Our goal is to provide personalised hearing care whilst taking the needs of each of our customers into account.


Full Hearing Test – £50

I attended Kingsbridge Hearing Care in March 2020 for my first assessment regarding my hearing loss. I was impressed by the emphasis placed on first addressing the psychology around such a loss. It gave me greater confidence to know that he understood the change in my self perception. Added to this, the considerable technical knowledge about hearing aids ensured that a complete bespoke solution was found for my particular hearing loss.

I am very happy with the outcome and feel more confident when listening to others. The aftercare has also been impressive, solving initial teething issues with an approach that offered customised support and ongoing availability.

Dr James Urquhart

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