Musicians Monitors

On-stage musicians and serious music enthusiastic need to listen to music while maintaining the balance and fidelity of the sound. Custom-made monitors provide this solution.

At Kingsbridge Hearing care we can provide this service and offer a range of solutions including building your existing earphones into custom -made silicone moulds, or providing the latest products from leading suppliers such as Ultimate ears™, Future Sonics™, and Tunz™. We will take care of the entire process including:


  • Checking ear canals for excess wax build-up – removal of wax if needed
  • Perform a baseline hearing test
  • Impression taking
  • Dispatch to manufacturer for production
  • Fitting and instruction on use of monitors
  • Follow-up visits if necessary for minor adjustments

For some time I had been looking for a local supplier of custom-made In-ear monitors. Kingsbridge Hearing took care of the entire process for me, starting with a base-line hearing test through to impression taking and then production of the monitors. I was confident that if I needed follow-up support or servicing they would be on-hand to help me. My monitors are now a vital part of every live show that we do.

James Huish

Michael Bublé Tribute Band

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