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Hearing Protection

The impact of noise on hearing may not be immediately obvious but starts to become noticeable later in life


At Kingsbridge Hearing Care our experienced Audiologist can provide considerable help with the management of tinnitus.

Musicians Monitors

Musicians and serious music enthusiastic need to listen to music while maintaining the balance and fidelity of the sound.

About Your Hearing Aid Audiologist

Stephen has been an Audiologist for 13 years specialising in both adult and paediatric hearing assessments. He specialises in advanced investigations for tinnitus and balance problems. During this time he has worked in both the NHS and Private sectors where he gained specialist expertise in wax removal procedures and dispensing hearing aids. He enjoys working as part of a multidisciplinary team ranging from assessment to diagnosis and treatment. He feels this approach provides a streamlined holistic approach to client centred care.

“Each person I meet faces new communication challenges and I find it extremely rewarding being able to tailor the latest innovations in hearing aid technology to address these needs” (s.hunter)

Stephen’s pastimes include motorcycling and photography.

Stephen Hunter (BSc Hons Clin Phys,DIS HCPC,BAA, RCCP,BSHAA)

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