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Well hearing is well being

Hearing is one of our most important senses, it forms a vital part of our ability to communicate with others and maintain an awareness of our surroundings.

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Hearing well helps us remain socially active and engaged with friends and loved ones, while listening and understanding helps to keep our brains stimulated.

1 in 6 adults in the UK is affected by hearing loss

Although hearing can deteriorate gradually as a normal part of ageing, there are many causes of hearing loss, more than half of which are preventable.  The faster a hearing loss is identified the sooner steps can be taken to address it.

  • Are you turning the TV up?
  • Do people seem to be mumbling?
  • Are you struggling to follow conversation in background noise?
  • Are you frustrated with your current hearing aids or looking to upgrade?
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At Kingsbridge Hearing Care, our Audiologists pride themselves in best practice hearing care provision.  Our Hearing Assessment appointments are tailored to not only identify hearing reduction but also to assess speech recognition in background noise and comfort of sound.  Our enhanced testing procedures provide essential clinical information about your hearing so we can offer the best solution to meet your needs.

Full Hearing Assessment £85

Check your hearing

While there is no replacement for a professional consultation, our 5-minute online hearing screener can provide quick, useful feedback about your hearing and indicate if you would benefit from a face-to-face hearing assessment with one of our Audiologists.

Online Hearing Screener

Paediatric Hearing Tests

Paediatric hearing tests are only carried out at the request of Kingsbridge Private Hospital Consultants as part of an ENT assessment.

Paediatric Hearing Tests

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