You might think you are doing a good job when you see some wax on the end of the bud, but what you can’t see is the amount of wax you have pushed further into the ear!

In a normal, healthy ear, wax forms in the outer areas of the ear canal and moves out naturally without the need for any intervention.

Cotton buds push wax deep into the ear canal where it is not normally present. If the wax is pushed against the eardrum it can cause hearing loss, earache and tinnitus. We have even seen cases where people have ruptured their eardrums attempting to remove wax themselves!

Wax that has built up near the eardrum is unlikely to move back out of the ear, even with the use of over the counter wax softeners and syringing can cause further discomfort and increase the likelihood of perforation and infection.

If you have a wax build up you would like removed contact us regarding ear wax micro suction, a safe, quick and effective method of removing troublesome ear wax.